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After completing my military service, I started to get involved with the working world. Although I became quite successful in my profession, I did not feel joy or passion for the work I was carrying out. On the contrary, I felt eternally bored. Luckily, a good friend of mine, a psychologist, encouraged me to explore a new profession, which had as its main and essential ingredient, the sea. I had no idea where to start, but I was driven by passion. I have been grateful to Franco since.


Thanks to an insider’s advice, I started for no apparent reason, to spend time in marinas. I posted advertisements on a roman magazine offering myself as a sailor.  I also frequently and free of charge started to roam around and observe a well-known shipyard and dealer of the most prestigious pleasure crafts and vessels Italian manufacturer (at that time I did not know its name was Stage). I found my first boarding experience through a trade magazine advertisement. From the start, I discovered an innate ability to manoeuvre nautical means of any dimension, which then became my greatest selling point. I then rapidly started to receive positive feedback on all fronts.


This is how I met the SEA; by discovering I could work in a completely different world, which ended up being much bigger than I thought. From basic shipbuilding in the beginning, to trade fairs, testing, short period and long period sailings, technical assistance, underwater operations, consultancies, nautical practices and didactics.  Professional studies gave me the opportunity to do what I loved. Freezing winters, scorching summers, shipyards and pleasure craft activities. I met a lot of people and had numerous personal, professional and economic satisfactions. To date, I have travelled more than 80.000 miles with motorized pleasure crafts from 6 to 30 meters.